Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Pastry Madness 2008

These are our spiffy new cases.

11 straight days of 10-13 hour days.
Here's Saturday's pile o'cakes - all made by yours truly.
There are no photos of the thousands of truffles we've gone through in the last two weeks.

Here's what we did today. 11 regular cakes, 12 Battenburgs and 3 Buche de Noels. It will take a parade to get everything down to the shop.

Tomorrow, we take all our cakes and all our truffles down to the store. Then we come back and deep clean the kitchen. And then go home. We're off on Christmas. I haven't looked forward to Christmas this much since I was about 5.


Jenn said...

The cases sure are spiffy, and those cakes! Thank goodness I don't live in Colorado, i would probably never leave your shop lol! looks like a lot of hard work was completely worth it though :) Hope you enjoyed your day off to rest!

ginger said...

and you're working today as well...i feel like making a cake that looks like a giant hostess cupcake. heehee.

pretty pictures aunt cake.

Bree said...

I want that one, third pic from the bottom, with the gilded leaves. :)