Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overexposed, no makeup, but you get the idea....

Chef: What are you doing tonight?
Kate: I'm getting my hair cut.
Chef: Just a cut? Don't let them touch the color. It's great. Keep this one for a while.
Rachelle: Ohmygod- it's great! What happened to growing out the gray?
Kate: I'm over it. I did a temporary red for Halloween and liked it so much I kept it.
Stylist next to Rachelle's station: That color's fantastic - is it your real color?
Kate: No, it's the color I was supposed to be.
Rachelle: Kate's finding herself through haircolor :)
Stylist: Me too! I'm still looking....
Stylist at the front desk: That color rocks! Haircut's great too!
It occured to me while I was playing with my hair in the rearview mirror (at a stoplight) that my hair has a bit of an anime character quality to it. It's sassy, it's swingy, and it's blatantly red.
It makes me feel more like the me I want to be.


Bridgete said...

I love the cut!

And that is the color I wish I could get but my dark, dark, DARK brown natural color won't let me. All the reds just give it kind of an auburn glow. Which I still think is better than my natural color, so I stick with it. =)

Ginger said...

and a look on your face that says, "yeah? what are you gonna do about it?" i love it!

Bree said...

Ain't hair great! :)

Jenn said...

What happened to growing out the gray?
Kate: I'm over it.

SO in touch with this right now! The cut and color are fantastic! Man I could never go full on face without makeup, you look great lucky girl :)