Sunday, December 14, 2008

Salt, Soda & Sandalwood

Baths are not about getting clean.
Baths are about rejuvenation.
Baths are a production involving all the senses.
Hot steaming water, sea salt, baking soda, sandalwood oil.
Candlelight, insense, music.
Music like Baroque for Bathtime, which starts with Vivaldi's Concerto in D for Guitar, and ends with Pachobel's Canon, also in D. A cd which lasts about as long as the water stays comfortable.
A glass of wine, a cup of tea, or even just a glass of water.

Head in the water
hair floating like a mermaid's
lost in the touch of water
the scent of sandalwood
the sound of violins, flutes and guitar
the world falls away
and there is nothing but the moment.
I should do this more often.
and no, that is not my bathtub.....sigh.


ginger said...

speaking of bath tubs...i watched the first season of weeds yesterday (awesome show) and the bath tub this woman has is big enough for about 3 people to fit comfortably up to their necks! she'd just been shot at so she was in it fully clothed and without water so it's apparently a safe haven as well.

i'm so jealous.

my bath tub is tiny and you can hear the people upstairs urinating so it's not that great of an experience.

word verification: wisibow. that's just good policy.

Jenn said...

I was definitely going to ask if that was your tub but you answered before I had a chance :) This sounds wonderful. I have some lavender oil and some of that other stuff too. It has been ages since I've just relaxed in a tub! Definitely a good soul rejuvinating experience.