Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadows & Reflections

My shadow entry: Miss Puppy, wondering why she is still in the car instead of starting her walk in the park.

And, in a subcategory of Shadow Shot Sunday: Reflection Shot Bonus.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did you see it?

The waning crescent moon with Mars just off to her bottom left curve? AWESOME! Absolutely worth being outside at 6am.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dawn at the Crossroads

The crescent moon was in the east
a soft golden-red light on the horizon
the moon is rising late, or very very early
but there is something magical about the moon and the sun sharing space
In the clear light of the new day
with Puppy beside me
I stand in the center of the deserted intersection
for all its mundane appearance
it's still a crossroads
The neighborhood dogs are howling
As I turn my back to the rising sun
and throw the water over my shoulder
We walk away without looking back
leaving what isn't wanted behind us.
It's still in that place of not quite dark
not quite light
and the birds are stirring
as we head home
toward the east
the still-bare trees are black against the sky
and on the branches is the shadow of a squirrel
watching the crescent moon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


You blushed
when I called you 'my hero'
as you came through the door with more paper towels
and blushed again
when I was giving plating instructions
and said " Caitlin, would you place the ladybugs,
and hero, whose name I don't know....
Justin, you said, looking down at me and smiling.
as I was setting out plates
you bent down and said
"you're doing a hell of a job'
and I smiled, saying, yes, I know how to unstack plates
but I wondered
is it a compliment
are you flirting
or are you just making fun of me
because it's my first time on the hotline
It doesn't really matter
because I like this twitterpated feeling
this coming back to life after a long long winter
I don't even mind
that because I was thinking of you
I drowned my cellphone
in the washing machine

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Simple yet Complex



The finale of our participation in the IACP conference.

Our truffles have wowed the meet&greet of the French Culinary Institute, the board of trustees dinner for Cook Street School of Fine Cooking, and last night we triumphed at the Wild and Rare dinner. Following a menu that included bison, elk and kangaroo, our poached pear with fudge sauce was universally adored. The food editor of Bon Appetit made a point of telling us how fabulous it was. The lovely Italian lady who has a gelato business in Texas loved it - and from what she said about her gelatos (including one with orange and vidalia onion) it would be worth a trip to Texas just to try them. We met a lot of really cool people (the Vidalia onion representative, two R&D people from Smuckers, a couple of very promising students from Johnson & Wales).

I always dread going to public events. I'm shy, introverted, and try to avoid attracting attention. There's a lot of stress leading up to them. Once it starts, I'm busy, people are excited, and the praise begins. I get to see and hear how people react to what I've made. And I blossom. I'm like one of those dried-up tea flowers that blooms when placed in boiling water.

But back to the dessert. A poaching syrup of star anise, saigon cassia cinnamon, tahitian vanilla bean, all spice, clove, black peppercorn, grapefruit, lemon and a reduction of Chateau Roland Sauternes 2006. Organic pear. Chocolate leaf of Kokoleka, from Oahu, only 18 trees of this variety in the world, with 23 karat gold flakes. Fudge sauce of dark cocoa, cream, blackberry schnapps and tamarisk honey. You know you want some.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seven Years to the Day

I wish you hadn't been alone
and that my sister hadn't been the one to find you
sometimes it's funny that you died on April Fool's Day
and sometimes it seems like spite
I never understood your longing to be gone from this earth
to return to the stars
I didn't understand a lot about you
but enough to know
that the path of motherhood was not your first best destiny
that you loved us as best you could
but in your heart of hearts
we were not the life you would have chosen if you had been just a bit braver
but for myself and my sisters
I'm glad you chose the path you did
And while you are off flying free
the way you always wished to be
I will remember you
with the tangled mess of feelings
that seem inevitable between mother and daughter
with fire and air for you
with water and earth for me
a candle and incense
while I kneel in the snow or the rain that will fall today
and add a plant to the round patch of earth
that still has your pink flamingo in it.