Wednesday, December 19, 2007

where am i

this was my second 13 hour plus day in a row - am i going to bed? no. it seem to be more important to write/type , read what friends have written, put off the start of another day. this was my meltdown day; hopefully tomorrow will be calmer. i need to have a zen place in my head, especially when i touch chocolate. some quiet center. i miss my routine - i miss time with puppy. we need to go to the park. that's what we'll do for christmas. go to the park. bounce bunnies. wander aimlessly. just be. that's what i really miss this week - time to just be.


Ginger said...

this is why you read and update blogs instead of sleeping...because it's something you do for yourself.
the zen is there, it's only surrounded by the struggle for control....just keep swimming my dear friend. love you.

vesta said...

ooooooooooooh. yeah. it's my meditation practice right now.