Sunday, December 16, 2007

tired, cranky & wanting a ballgown

what day is this, the 16th? which i think makes 16 days in a row, on my way to 24. getting a bit weary and cranky, the crankiness focusing on small irritations such as 'why can't b or l get off their butts and shovel the damn snow off the front walk? it's been there for days, they don't work 12 hours a day, they were off yesterday, why doesn't it occur to either of them to shovel the damn walk. a lot of energy goes into this, energy that could be better used elsewhere, so i will work on that today as i pack truffles into boxes, make new truffles and temper chocolate. ho ho ho.

took a break last night and went to the symphony with Bev - it was one of their xmas concerts, and was broadcast on channel 7 or 4. it was good, our seats overlooked the stage, the soprano's voice was lovely and her gown was fantastic. why don't we all have ballgowns? i learned that the nose bleed section runs 10-12 dollars, which makes it comparable with going to the movies, unless you get popcorn, which would make the symphony cheaper. maybe i'll start getting the culture once in a while. it's kind of fun to dress up. aside from the i-have-nothing-to-wear meltdown that happened friday night, during which b tried to tell me that flats would go with a cocktail dress. she backed off of that when i pointed out that even i am not that fashion-impaired. i'd like to blame the meltdown on being so tired, but fashion meltdown happens anytime i try to put together something that isn't jeans or chefpants.

spending time with bev was fun; we spent a lot of time checking out outfits and shoes. There were some very hot shoes - the red plaid heels were dynamite. i also enjoyed all the little girls in their velvet and taffeta; my favorite was the poufy red chiffon with glittery snowflakes. one little girl looked as if she had just come from the chorus of the Nutcracker - long filmy gold skirt, gold ballet flats, wreath of tiny golden flowers on her head. I felt a bit jealous; she looked charming. If I went out like that, it would just be sad. Grownups need more opportunities to wear gowns and tiaras, filmy chiffons, and sparkly red shoes.

Years ago, I went to a performance of the ballet Dracula. A young woman in the audience was wearing a vintage satin ballgown and a tiara; she's what i remember most about that evening. Not Dracula, not the performance, but a vision of loveliness a few seats away.

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