Monday, December 24, 2007

one more day.....

7am to 9:30 pm. managed not to bite anyone's head off when i got home, unlike the night before. they don't get it. the culinary world is like this.

after the blowup, i was ready to move out. the pressure of living with other people is too much sometimes. this morning, i'm calmer. still uncertain, but not in flight or fight mode so much. closer to fight than flight i'm afraid. the dark side is taking over this week. the side that would rise up and burn my enemies ( or innocent bystanders) and smote their ruin upon the mountainside just to relieve some tension. nothing personal.

today i go in, load up for the store, finish garnishing and cupping truffles, pack a massive order, do an even more massive amount of dishes. that's all. then two days off. yay. two days to rest, clean my room, spend some time with people i love, and get back in touch with the peaceful warrior, and let the pillaging warlord go back into the depths.

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Ginger said...

and stretch........aaahhhhhh.