Monday, June 22, 2009

Take me to the RIver

First, true confession time. Last week, when I was watching True Blood with Najah, a bunch of square dancers in full regalia came into Sam's bar. I said, "I used to dress like that back in square dance club". Give me a break, I was in junior high. So today, for my birthday, this is what she gave me:

The handles are ties, and the sides are album covers. Square dance songs, complete with calls. Some titles? Boil them cabbages down, Pop Goes the Weasal, Devil's Dream, and my personal favorite : Back up and Push.

The river is running high right now. Yesterday as we finished our walk through Prospect Park an upside down canoe went by. Someone else was already calling 911. Later, I found out that the canoe belonged to Najah's husband Tim's friend Arthur. Tim and Arthur had planned to run the river, but made it only 100 yards before being tipped out of the boat, which sailed merrily along without them. They are both fine, and very lucky to have been tossed out in a boulderless stretch. About 1/4 mile or so further down are the boulders you can see in the photo at the top of the blog. Tim has been grounded from any further boat trips - it seems this is not the first time he's fallen overboard.

So today, Najah & I met to celebrate Tim's escape and my birthday. Sitting by the river, just above the rapids, we toasted with Jim Beam, followed by a Coke chaser. I learned that whiskey followed by Coke is sooooo much better than whiskey in Coke. It creates a marvelous, burny, smokey sweetness in the mouth. But I digress. We stood ankle deep in the cold, fast moving water. Najah made her offerings of thanksgiving. I tossed water over my head & neck. I wanted to submerge, but common sense prevailed. Najah scooped up some water and sprinkled over me, invoking a birthday blessing.

Take me to the river,

drop me in the water

Push me in the river,

dip me in the water

Washing me, washing me down


Jenn said...

Oh my what a scary thing for Tim and Arthur! Really good to hear everyone is ok.

That square dance item, is it like a tote bag? Very cool indeed & so sweet of her to remember!

Glad your birthday celebration was so wonderful with all good things!

ginger said...

oh, tim...tim...tim. he should've been building an ark.

the smell of whiskey and bourbon make me hurl, more for you, yay! ;)

najah didn't get the memo on the no celebration thing this year?

kate said...

actually, she did get the memo, but she was swept away by the tote bag, and wanted to reciprocate for the doll. She asked me 3 times if a celebration was ok.
I got over myself - the alternative to birthdays is death, and I'm not ready to go there. So...laissez le bon temps roulez!
You know the problem with saying 'no birthday fuss" is? No cake :(

Bridgete said...

OMG, glad they're okay.

Love the tip about the whiskey. I'll try that. I've never liked the whiskey in the coke. For some reason it reminds me of that fake banana flavor...

ginger said...

i will make you a cake!!!

kate said...