Friday, July 3, 2009

Broken Thought Process Day, Days, ok, a week or so....

Or maybe it's shattered thought process. Or melted though process. Anything but coherent, lucid thought process.
Yesterday was one of those cursed days in the kitchen, the kind of day that makes me want to fall upon my whisk. (It's like falling on one's sword, without the messy consequences). The kind of day where I think perhaps I went down the wrong path. Today went much better, and ended around 11:30 or so.
We've been starting at 6am, and leaving around 1-2pm, because of the heat. I put foil on all the windows to deflect some of the sun, so now it looks like a white trash meth lab. But clean.

I haven't been to Facebook or Twitter in over a week. Nothing to say worth reporting on a daily basis.

Went to see Celtic Woman at Red Rocks Wednesday night - first time I have been to a concert there. OMG - the climb! Next time will wear walking shoes. Wondering why no outside beverages are allowed in, even more wondering why the concession stand takes the caps off the bottled water & wine, and why the soft drink cups don't have lids, or straws. Do they think they are being invaded by deadly ninjas who can hijack the amphitheatre with a small platic cap and a straw?
The drummers and the fiddler were fantastic. The fiddler actually danced while playing, in her long, floaty white dress and high heels.
The acoustics ARE really great - I can see what the fuss is about. It started raining during the last ten minutes or so, complete with thunder and lightning. People started leaving, which seemed rather pointless, as it was a good quartermile or so to the parking lots. Stay or leave, you'll get just as wet.
Discovered that Najah and I have rather disparate tastes in music - she really likes falsetto, like Don Henley and (shudder, ick) Michael McDonald. I, on the other hand, think that Michael McDonald's voice is as close as I ever want to get to having redhot needles shoved into my ears.

I'm having a lot of encounters with snakes this week, mostly live snakes, but one perfectly shed skin. Which is out in the garage curing in borax. I really like snakes, although they startle me a bit when we meet each other in the park. I'm sure it's mutual. They are not suited for pets, though. Some creatures should just be left wild.

My current passion is belly dance, aka oriental danse, aka raks sharki, aka beledi. Next session I am adding the intermediate class , so Monday evenings will be 2 back-to-back hours of dance. Someone else(s) is also in the grip of passion, as every one of some 20 or so belly dance music cd's are checked out of the library. I have holds on a few of them. In the meantime, there's always Pandora.


Bree said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know why they take lids and straws and all that (I asked about it once at an amphitheater concert)! People throw them at the stage. I am not joking. The guy I talked to said that some of the kids get rowdy and start chucking things at each other and the band. When I said "But...this is a bluegrass concert. No one gets rowdy at a bluegrass show" the guy said "I know but we still have to do it."

As for why no beverages allowed in...duh, they want you to buy $10 beer! $5 water! If you bring in an empty nalgene they usually won't take it and you can fill it up inside at a fountain. Or put a flask in your socks. Up to you. ;)

Sidenote, JEALOUS! I've always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks. Sounds like a great show, too.

Hope your day looks up. :)

ginger said...

that's it! bree has to visit us and go to a show at red rocks! we are quite lucky that we get to go anytime. i think the last show i saw there was roger daltrey. it's an awesome amphitheater, no doubt!

i'm with najah on the music. i don't dig pagan eclectic or irish or anything

pretty snake.

Bridgete said...

Weird about the lids/straws, I've never had anyone do that at any concert I've attended. But Bree's right about them just wanting you to pay for beverages inside. It's just like at the movie theater...although it's not hard to work around that rule at the movies since they don't exactly check your purse/pockets/shopping bags/etc.

kate said...

ok - just to clarify - Najah invited me to Celtic Woman. I did not drag her to the show. We just have a very different take a lot of 'popular' music. We do share a mutual dislike of the Grateful Dead though.

We didn't think about concealed flasks.....although with all the security folks who watch the crowd we'd have to wait until it was dark. Or sit way in the middle of a row....liquor filled chocolates would work

Jenn said...

Yeah I've been sort of avoiding FB & Twiter as well. With the forced break it occured to me that I missed bloggy-ness much more :-)

So wow, can I jump in Bree's suitcase & come on out for the show too? Please, please, please?

With you on the Dead, bleh. Matt loves them, I never got into them.