Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snowmelt Tuesday

Here is the creek during winter - large waterworn rocks and boulders that provide a safe, dry area for crossing the creek without walking another half mile to the bridge.

And here is the same spot during snowmelt. I love snowmelt. The water is rushing and roaring, the woods become green and lush, the paths wash out in the low spots, little waterfalls spring up. Snowmelt changes the look and feel of the park.

On a tiny island in one of the lakes is the roosting tree - it's hard to see in the photo, but it's full of cormorants. So graceful in the water, so odd-looking in the tree. Also caught on film yesterday - a young redtail hawk, ducklings and a blue heron. The fish and dragonflies moved too fast yesterday.


Jenn said...

That first picture is so cool, it looks like a rock kayak! Is white water rafting allowed in the park because that water is really hauling! Puppy looks like he enjoyed the day too :) Fantastic shots!

Bree said...

Oooh Kate you have no idea how homesick these photos make me for the mountains! We have rolling hills here in the Palouse but no rushing streams, no snowmelt. That's all further north...thank you for posting these! They're lovely. I'm going to drag someone on a hike this weekend. :)

ginger said...

nature girl! nature girl! pastry girl is nature girl! (sung to the tune of the spider man song)

i've been looking for the ark around here with all of this monsoonal moisture lately.

word verification: lerfbo
~ it's what puppy says when she barks using her indoor voice, haha!

spottedwolf said...

Ya know.....we get spring to summer slam bang fast every year in an overnight explosion of color......right now Kate, the solomon seal is starting to bloom in the thick bush behind our place and the aroma is magnolias when they kick ass...I love it...the first fat bummblybees, the hummingboids when they show up and the sqireel who's currently nesting in the woodshed...Suzanne's gardens are bursting into color..the sun is shining..WTF am I doing here??? later...........