Monday, October 13, 2008


metamorphosis - 1 a: change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means
b: a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances

I started with option b. I've been having an urge to shave my head for months. The reasoning (if it can be called reasoning) goes something like: it doesn't matter what I look like, nobody wants me anyway, I don't even like talking to stangers, I'm going to die alone and be eaten by my pets so I might has well shave my head OR the alternate version - I really need a fresh start, so I should shave my head. I always talk myself out of it, because I know I'll be really sorry about halfway through. Last week I did cut off a few inches (by myself). It looked ok, but was really boring, and yesterday's humidity made it stand out like a triangle. So not good.

I woke up with that urge today. Realizing that I needed an intervention, I went off to Fantastic Sams. I splurged and got the shampoo/haircut/blowdry package. In spite of a language barrier and the inexplicable tendency of almost every stylist to blowdry my hair into an anchorwoman helmet, it turned out very well. Once I un-anchored it. It's been pronounced 'sassy' and 'adorable'. I can live with that.

I also tried doing something creative that had nothing to do with pastry. The mask I won last weekend didn't really suit me; the red vein-y things were disturbing. So I changed it. The glue is still drying in the last photo; the blobs of white will dry clear, and all you'll see is the tiny golden beads.

Circumstances haven't changed from yesterday or this morning. But somehow, a haircut, a walk in the park, and arts-n-crafts time have made me feel better.

UPDATE: This hairdo was only good the first day - it was totally uncooperative and dorky looking the day after. So much for going cheap (Fantastic Sams).


Jenn said...

I shaved the back of my head once. Well really my sister did it with the bic because I couldn't see back there and we didn't have clippers in the house. I had really long hair at the time and I was just in the mood for something different (some things never change I guess lol) so I went up about 4" from the bottom hair line & woosh it was gone. When my hair was down no one could tell but up I was all punk rock lol.

The cut is extremely cute on you and not helmet-y at all! I think sometimes we just need to do something so drastically different to remind ourselves we are not stuck.

Ginger said...

if you shave your head you can wear a candy apple red wig. i know where to buy them...or you could just buy the wig.

and puppy won't eat you when you die, nor will the fishes. duncan however......


ps-the word verification is "ohmbor"...does that mean, ooohhhmmmm, i'm bored with life and need a change....?

Bree said...

think how cold your head will get in the winter if you shave it! brrrr! Plus you'll have to wear sunscreen on your scalp in the summer! On the plus side, we could all call you Q-ball. ;)

I like the haircut. I confirm said sassiness.