Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kate's in Red Satin

Dad, you might want to skip this one.

Imagine a large, bustling costume store 3 days before Halloween. Imagine the 'boutique' section of the shop. It's where all the sexy costumes hang out - satin, leather, chain mail....... It's bustling. There's one table with costume books. Lots of people. And I am being laced into a red satin brocade bustier, my waist being nipped in, my bosom being lifted into heaving position, while being taught about the difference between a bustier and a corset. By a pastry chef who is working at Disguises because she can't find a job in her field. Having decided on the right size, she sends me to the dressing room to take off my bra and tee shirt so that she can fit the bustier properly. She knows a lot about them, she wears them under everything; including tee shirts.

In order to be laced up tightly, the person in the bustier has to bend over and brace themselves on a table or something. So, imagine me, in red satin, bending over the costume book table, next to a young man looking at pictures, with my heaving bosom getting closer to his face with every vigorous tug on the laces. He's trying not to look, but he can't help it. Everyone in the boutique seems to be watching. I should have sold tickets. I smile. What else is there to do?

I look fabulous. The bustier is amazing - especially with my baggy houndstooth chef pants. Oh yeah.


Ginger said...

photos! we need photos!! you sexy vixen!

Jenn said...

I should have sold tickets. Priceless lol!

I am so with Ginger on this one, share damn it!!!

Oh & thanks for sending that link, I'll check it out this weekend :)

kate said...

Ok, I'll strap in and have one of the roomies take a photo of me in all my pulchritudinous glory......
I wasn't sure if that sort of photo would be ok.

Bridgete said...

Photos are perfectly appropriate.

And just what, exactly, IS the difference between a bustier and a corset? =)