Sunday, October 5, 2008


My latest resolution is to accept any invitations that come along. It has finally dawned on me that it will be easier to meet people if I go to where people are, rather than hiding in my lair. (No, it is not surrounded by hot liquid magma, nor do I have sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads).
So, today when Najah called and invited me to a open house/marketing event at the Arts Myths Gallery, I said yes. I went armed with business cards and a small gift basket of chocolates. In exchange, I got a free mask, a candle and a full sunflower seed pod. And a sample salt scrub and body lotion from the Arbonne salesperson who was participating. So, score. But never mind about that.
Tiffany is an amazing artist. Check out the small sample on her website: The small shop is filled with masks, hats, hair ornaments, cloaks, clothing, scarves, jewelry - all designed to invoke the wild, magickal creature within us. The studio is behind the shop - it was tidied up for the event, but everywhere were feathers, beads, silks, velvets, leather, flowers, gorgeous paintings of goddesses, hanging plants.......if you are in Denver, go see them.
Everything I tried on evoked a hidden self. Wild and passionate, regal and lethal, demonic, favorite - a small mask, iridescent turquoise blue, with small, wave-like twirlies and a diadem of peacock feather. Small spills of twinkly beads. It was beautiful. Wearing it, I felt beautiful. Alluring. Worthy.
A more wonderful feeling than I get from the mask I wear everyday.


Jenn said...

Good for you! It is tough for us Crabby types to break out a lot of the time. Sounds like a really fun time too and you got some really nice stuff. One of my very close friends knows a gal who sells Arbonne, had never heard of it until a month or so ago. Is it good stuff?

Wow her work is gorgeous! I think my favorite is a blue/green/teal mask that looks like a butterfly...

Bree said...

*peeks head around corner*

I love the milkweed pod picture you have up right now!



*ducks back out of room*

Karen said...

Those are gorgeous masks!

Thanks for visiting my blog!