Friday, October 24, 2008

Blood & Chocolate

The yearly blood sacrifice to the the pastry gods was duly made during the waning of the Hunter's Moon. It involved a frozen red velvet cake, a cake slicer that is just shy of being a short sword, and of course, blood. My blood. Rather a lot of my blood, but not so much as the previous two sacrifices. Three cuts on two fingers of my left hand ( a feat that can really only be accomplished with a serrated knife, for those of you playing at home). No need for stitches this year, although one cut is still oozing a bit. As if anyone really wanted to know.

I'm rather tired of cake just now. I made three round red velvet cakes, three square chocolate cakes, and two half-sheet chocolate and white cakes. The half sheet cakes are for Wen Chocolates first anniversary, which is being celebrated tomorrow (Saturday the 25th), although the actual anniversary was September 29th. We've been a bit busy. Cake is free, and there will be other little treats as well, so if you are in the Denver area, come down to the store between 10am and 5pm, and say 'hi' to Will and Loren. I won't be there, I'll be in the kitchen with my 13 year-old apprentice.

I'm housesitting this weekend, this time it does not involve opening and closing the store. Just feeding Najah's dog and fish, and having a house completely to myself from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.
Just a few more hours of work tomorrow (starting at 6am so I can put the finishing touches on al the cakes) and then just solitude. Yay.


Ginger said...

damn...why do you have to pay them in blood? pesky pastry gods, gosh! i'm glad you're okay.

mom is also house sitting this weekend. all 3 of us get a break, funny.

have a good weekend kate of the 9 fingers. xoxoxo

Jenn said...

Ouchie :( Just so you are aware one can definitely cause a cut deep enough to require stitches not only to the outer skin but the tendon in the thumb from a very sharp, non serrated knife as well. Sadly, yes this is from personal experience.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

The good news is it was a red velvet cake so no one will ever know ;)

kate said...

hee hee, yes I am aware of the sharpness of the non-serrated knife. I have an entry and an exit scar to prove it. The cake wounds are doing fine, thank you.