Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rambling as Usual

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your art, which is how I found myself at Best Buy in search of a printer that would take photo paper and business card stock, something my little hand-me-down printer refused to do. I found a pretty awesome multi-function printer that was $30 off the regular price. Score. It installed easily, which was even more awesome.

So, newly updated portfolio in hand, I went off the the precipitating cause of this purchase. The ad for this place required that applicants come down to the shop, resume and portfolio in hand. I met the owner, and got the welcome news that of all the applicants, I am the only one who isn't currently in school. That means I am the only one with unlimited availability. Hopefully I'll be going in next week for a trial day.

It's a cool, funky little place. They were in the middle of making 2000 mini cupcakes for Artopia.
The dress code is an apron over whatever clothes one feels like wearing. I realized that I really like that idea. I have never been comfortable in a chef's jacket. Or jackets in general. I feel stifled and confined in a jacket. A fleece hoodie, on the other hand: perfect.

So upscale restaurant kitchens are not an option; I don't want to go through life feeling stifled. I want to wear people clothes and an apron. An apron with a Jolly Rodger on it, a Jolly Rodger comprised of an eye-patch-wearing cupcake with a whisk and a rolling pin crossed underneath. At heart, I seem to be a bakeshop girl. And that's ok.

And now, off to decide on a cake and bake it. And maybe have some breakfast.


Sharon said...

Life takes some curious twists and turns. Maybe wardrobe was more of a priority than you thought when you sent "Find me a job" out into the Universe. Good luck!

ginger said...

yay!!! i can't wait to hear where you'll be working! i'm excited for your change!

Jenn said...

Is this the place you mentioned you're testing out tomorrow? If so it sounds like a really cool place to work, very casual in attitude and dress but with you not being an 18 year old student I bet they're frothing at the mouth to get you in there! Awesome & good luck with it :-)

wv: grams Now if that isn't self explanitory I don't know what is.

Bridgete said...

Sounds perfect! Good luck!!