Sunday, July 26, 2009

Better late than never...

Thanks to advice from tech-savvy friends, the computer & camera are back on speaking terms. So, here are photos that go with Insert Photo Here. Read that first. Or not.

The daredevil ducks and the curious squirrel.

The devastation of Prospect Park.

Box of therapy.

The overseer: "Get back to work! Don't make me come over there! Oh, you made me get you're in for it!"


Jenn said...

Extreme ducks! Adorable. Wow, I guess I must not have noticed but did you say there was a ton of wind with this storm? I can't imagine hail aone could uproot trees like that??? Thanks for sharing them all.

Jenn said...

aone = alone

kate said...

oh hail yes there was wind - gusts up to about 80-100 miles per hour. Scary.