Saturday, July 11, 2009

Broken Thought Saturday?

I love riding with the top down, but I need to remember to bring a hat. And wear something less revealing than an off-the-shoulder wench top.

Despite repeated applications of SPF 50 and a parasol, my pale Irish skin burned at the Renaissance Faire. Until the sky opened up, the rain and hail poured down, and my off-the-shoulder wench top became positively indecent. Or a top contender in a wet-wench-top contest. It's all a matter of perspective.

There are lots of marvelously dressed people at a RenFaire. But even more enjoyable, from a people watching point of view, are the folks who come in street clothes, and decide they need to embellish things a bit once they get there. Fairy wings with shorts, flip flops and face paint. A wooden sword and an "I'm with stupid" tee shirt. A tiny Jedi knight with a floppy sunhat. Yes, a Jedi at the RenFaire.

I've been told that the Colorado Renfaire is a bit, ok, more than a bit, lax in terms of period correctness. That it would more properly be called the Colorado Costume Party in a Vaguely Renaissance Setting, but with a Heavy LOTR, Celtic, Xena, Barbarian, and Pirate Influence Faire. So what. It's fun.

I did not take my camera this time. Mostly because I'm not quite sure where it is. My things are on a disappearing rampage. My red gym bag, the lock, the anti-chlorine shampoo & conditioner, and now the camera. It's very irritating. Especially since the last time I saw them was in the house. I don't like not knowing where my stuff is.

My printer is almost out of ink. I'm stalling until the last possible moment.

Is my camera under the car seat? I don't think so, but it's possible.

Is it early enough to go to bed?

People are getting really hyped about Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. I don't remember much about the book, except that it's dark, and there's a death among the major characters. Which I like. An epic battle between good and evil has casualties, and since it's the heroes who stick their necks out, sometimes they will lose their heads. It's just a reasonable outcome. The series finale of Buffy should have had a much higher body count. Dawn should have been the first to die.

This camera thing is vexing me.


ginger said...

sorry you burned. i got a little burned on my chest and face, but not bad.

i posted the pictures on facebook already and i will email you copies if you can't save them from there.

did you try the cake yet?

Bridgete said...


Sorry. Done now. ;)

I hope your camera turns up. I lost mine in my room once. Eventually I found it under a piece of paper on the ottoman.

Jenn said...

Too funny about your ink, I'm doing the exact same thing. Color ink has been out for about 3 months actually and now anything I print is on fast/grayscale to conserve the black lol.

I hope you find your camera soon, so weird when things just vanish. Mine I thought got stolen in Amsterdam but turns out I had left it in another jacket pocket.

The Faire sounds fun, Jedi's, sunburn, hail and all!