Sunday, June 15, 2008

Magic Chinese Massage

I liked the name: Dragonfly Massage. It goes with one of my tattoos. It's next to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I've had the number for a few weeks, and yesterday the pain in my hip was bad enough that I finally called for an appointment.
They speak very little English. It didn't matter. Sophie's gifted hands found all the trouble spots without any help from me. "Magic Chinese Massage" is mostly Shiatsu; it's very different from Swedish (what you are likely to have in a day spa). First - you keep your clothes on. Second - it's more pressure points, friction, stretching and rocking than long flowing strokes. It was exactly what I needed.
It was different from any massage experience I've ever had - no dim lighting, just the natural light from the windows, filtered by the rice papers screens. Some very creative use of paper towels. There was traditional Chinese music, but it melded with the sound of cars on the nearby highway. Instead of separate rooms, two tables are side by side in the main room. Another customer came in, had a short massage, and left. It didn't matter. It was just part of what was going on. And somehow, I was more focused and in my body than I remember ever being in a more secluded massage. It was worth every penny of the very reasonable price.
I made an appointment for the same time next week. Which happens to be my birthday. Happy Birthday to me :)


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Right on for feeling awesome :) Massage is one of the things I almost never spoil myself with but always love when I get to go.

Enjoy your birthday relaxation...a cusp gal huh?

Ginger said...

i always wondered about that place....i like the description. a massage and szechuan ssounds nice.