Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Hymn to Mercury

phones, internet, bus schedules
time tables
best-laid plans
all in a snarl because You were Retrograde.
Where's the lease, the money, the bus, the installer, the technician, the applicant?
Nothing happens when we think it's supposed to, or in anything resembling a timely manner.
Then on thursday You went Direct
and within twentyfour hours
we have a lease
the phone, the internet and direct tv are all working perfectly at the same time
a new check is on the way.
Your areas are tidied up and running smoothly.
For the most part.
I don't know about the buses.
And there's no recovery for the applicant who wanted to postpone her interview.
"I totally forgot that I just got married and I'm leaving for my honeymoon in Figi that day".
There's no coming back from that. It doesn't bode well for employment. Or her marriage.
But that's not Mercury's fault.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Before comments can be made I must say...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Mercury can be a real PITA, good to hear everything is running smoother now.

Yeah, how does one forget they are getting married & going on a honeymoon? Wow.

kate said...

Thanks Jenn!

Bridgete said...

Happy Birthday!

And,'d think that you wouldn't double-book yourself when you're going on a honeymoon...