Friday, April 4, 2008

This tag ends with me

because I have no one to pass it on to, unless Sean Bean, Queen Latifah, James MacIvoy (whose name I have probably misspelled, call me, I'd love the chance to apologize, have you seen him as Macbeth? Set in a restaurant? wow) Gordon Ramsey or Cate Blanchett read this and get on board.

So, the questions -

What if I could meet someone in the art world to chat with? I'm not much for chatting with strangers, but I'd like to ask Andy Warhol - how the bleep did you convince people that a can of soup was art?!

What if I could make a wish for the benefit of all mankind? World peace, Stan.... actually though, I've always thought it would be a good idea if the ability to reproduce was linked to emotional rather than physical maturity. Immature? Self-centered? Just plain stupid? No ovulation or sperm production for you! Might not be the best thing for the survival of the species, but on an individual basis, it would work out very well.

What if I could travel anywhere in the world? France, for an extended stage with world class pastry chefs. Ireland, Scotland, the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, New Zealand, and maybe Antartica.

What if I could live in a time period other than the present for 24 hours? I'd love to see Colorado when it was an ocean, or a dinosaur hangout. Of course, I might not last 24 hours with dinosaurs......

What if I could make over 3 areas of my body? I would make over my metabolism so that it runs more efficiently, I would lose the superfluous body hair, and I'd trade the gene for prematurely gray hair for one that gives one awesome streak of white in jet black hair.

What if I could be an animal for 24 hours? I'd be a dolphin, after Ginger's clean up the world program has taken effect so that I wouldn't get caught in a tuna net or a giant island of floating plastic.

What if I could bring somebody back to life for 24 hours? Sigh. Did we learn nothing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Leave the dead alone. They've moved on. They don't want to come back. They get all disturbed and cranky. Gosh!


Ginger said...

".....and sometimes they don't come back right...."

thanks for the nod. sorry about the tag, but i thought it might take your mind off of p.i.e.

and i see the red wingedness of the beautiful birdie in the other picture of him.

vesta said...

It did take my mind off pie - pies du jour - frozen strawberry margarita (complete with tequila) and strawberries stranded in jello (not its real name, but that's what'going on there). I sent out my first invoice, that cheered me right up :)

Bree said...

Anyone who quotes Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a-ok in my book! Thanks for sharing your what ifs! :D

Great, now I'm thinking about PIE!