Sunday, April 13, 2008

I can resist anything, except temptation

Oscar Wilde said that. I doubt he was referring to plants.
I didn't mean to buy anything. Really. I was just looking at plants, contemplating the Aero Garden (down to 129.99 from its original price of over $200) sighing over fountains. Wondering how long those blooms on the orchids would last. And there they were. Masses of gardenia plants, deep glossy green leaves, an occasional blazing white blossom, a heady fragrance, and hundreds of furled buds. Just waiting to be rescued.
I fought it for about half an hour. I walked around looking at bird seed, sneered at the so-called 'squirrel proof" feeders, looked at all the seeds.......
I surrendered to temptation. She's about three feet tall, covered in buds, and can happily live a long productive life as a potted plant.


Ginger said...

oh, she's pretty! have you named her?

i bought some organic seeds and i was going to create a container garden in my small, front plot of dirt. something kept me from moving forward with that and now i am happy that i listened....i am moving in a lakewood....with fran. oh, what sad times are these that make folks have to consolidate rent to keep them from choosing between food and gas or rent...or rent and bills. so anyway, there's my story.

i love the new page layout, by the way.

vesta said...

wow, that's rough. are you guys moving into a bigger place?

no, I haven't named her yet. Do you need some garden space?

Thanks :)

Ginger said...

oh, i'll tell you about it later. i'm thinking of a small container garden...or one of those community gardens perhaps.