Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Sunday

I push my little pink camera to the limit.
Yesterday I learned that if you have a steady hand
'landscape' works well for closeups of things far away
like this squirrel in a tree
that I would have missed
if we walked our usual route.

Ditto for this guy
the no-neck heron
we took a turn onto a tiny footpath
that meanders along the smaller pond
we've never taken that trail
and were rewarded with my first sighting of the season of this oddly shaped bird.

A muskrat popped up out of the water,
saw us, did a flip and dove beneath the surface.
Puppy kept waiting for him to reappear
but he didn't. So there's no photo of him.

Small dinosaurs stalk the neighborhood . See the flying fish in the background.

Early afternoon

is prime turtle-spotting time

they like to sunbathe

and are really good at holding still

She's on her nest, so that suspicious look and the hissing are completely understandable.

Here's a photo of someone taking a photo,taken from across the big pond. We met up with her later on the covered bridge. She was wearing a sweatshirt and pink pajama bottoms. I was wearing baggy sweats, sunglasses, and my sunhat. Snappy dressers, both of us.

"I'm taking a photojournalism class and I'm supposed to be asking people if I can take their picture, so I'm photographing geese and ducks...." She seemed harmless and friendly, so I said ok, and she took candids of me and Puppy. So Melissa's class will be seeing photos of a sleek beautiful dog and her frumpy taking-a-break-from-making-pies human. Melissa's camera is big and powerful. But it's not pink.

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