Friday, March 28, 2008

the evil sucking machine rules

my sister has been in love with the dyson vacuum cleaner for a long time. the dyson, with a base model starting around $500. she found a knockoff, with the continuous suction feature. oh. my. goodness. our 10 x 12 carpet is vacuumed weekly. with the new vacuum, nearly 3 cups of dirt, hair and who knows what came out of it. I do yoga on that carpet. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.


Ginger said...

i will have a real one some day!!!! you know i don't like knock offs.

Ginger said...

i absolutely love!!! your new photo at the top of the page! i can't tell because it's a close up, but is that a raven or a crow? i love how i clicked onto your page and it was there as big as life.

vesta said...

neither! it's one of my personal favorites, the redwing blackbird :)