Friday, October 9, 2009

random sort of thoughts

If an opportunity presents itself
do I walk through that door
do I leave what I know behind
do I make that leap
walk off that cliff
or stay in the familiar
If the path leads in a different direction
than the one I expected
do I open myself to the possibility
that the map in my mind might not be the best one
or go
or something else
but I think I'm ready
for another adventure
This week I finally got all our scraps of paper, parchment, legal pads, printout and copies into a coherent, legible, organized recipe notebook. I have been trying to get this done for about two years. Today, I was alone in the kitchen and took advantage of the solitude to rearrange the kitchen into what is hopefully a more efficient and functional space. This involved lifting a table over my head in order to get between the stove and the sink and get one leg of the table between the wall and the gas line. Yeah, I'm a bit sore from that.
The distasteful chore of the weekend: buying a new bathing suit. The one I have is one Ai Chi class away from an arrest for indecent exposure. I'm guessing a sporting goods store is my best bet for a reasonably priced, modest, functional suit. We'll see.
I'm hoping to get some bulbs planted this weekend, but it's supposed to be cold and wet this weekend. Planting may be postponed for a few days until the sun and milder temperatures come back.


Bridgete said...

Yeah, sporting goods stores are the way to go. That's where I always went back when I taught swimming lessons.

I'm impressed that you lifted a table over your head.

ginger said...

you are strong like bull!

i like the the fool card huh?

Jenn said...

Beautiful prose, sometimes its the best way to work it out. Or at least get it out.

Are you guys still getting snow or is it back up to 75 again? Never thought anywhere was as insane as New England weather but Colorado seems to do a good job of beating us out here lol.

Bree said...

I don't know much about Tarot...what is the significance of The Fool?

kate said...

Bree: go here Jenn introduced me to this site - it's very good.
Jenn, yes we had snow this weekend. It actually stuck, which is early for us. But by midweek, it will be sunny and in the midsixties. I just roll with it.

spottedwolf said...

That old fool has a perfect meaning like "feast or famine".

Look at him with his worldly goods packed into his bag and the look on his face as he steps off the is truly full on faith or ill-preparedness. do not strike me as the latter of the two.