Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No so Random

I am starting Chapter 4 of the Artist's Way tomorrow. This is the week I've been dreading, since there is no reading of any kind outside of the book & the exercises! No tv! No radio! No computer! What awful timing! Nanowrimo starts on Sunday - I can't check in with my accountabilibuddies until Tuesday night. I just joined a very chatty e-coven. I have to skip a week as soon as I did my intoductory post. Project Runway is on tomorrow night! Ack! This is going to be rough.

So, everyone have a great week, Happy Halloween, and for everyone in the Denver area - I hope you get a snow day Thursday :)

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Jenn said...

Well since you won't see this until Tuesday at the earliest, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and week off from technology. I would need to be trapped in a cabin for a week to go without I think, lol. Especially since my job encompasses it daily. Well good to know so I can hold off until after Nano to give it a try. Good luck with writing, chat Tuesday :-] ♥

WV: squentr -- I have no idea what it could mean, it just sounds really cool haha