Sunday, April 5, 2009


You blushed
when I called you 'my hero'
as you came through the door with more paper towels
and blushed again
when I was giving plating instructions
and said " Caitlin, would you place the ladybugs,
and hero, whose name I don't know....
Justin, you said, looking down at me and smiling.
as I was setting out plates
you bent down and said
"you're doing a hell of a job'
and I smiled, saying, yes, I know how to unstack plates
but I wondered
is it a compliment
are you flirting
or are you just making fun of me
because it's my first time on the hotline
It doesn't really matter
because I like this twitterpated feeling
this coming back to life after a long long winter
I don't even mind
that because I was thinking of you
I drowned my cellphone
in the washing machine


Bridgete said...

This made me smile. =)

ginger said...

hahahahahaha! i love it! beautifully put! great shot of the ice cream, by the way...

Jenn said...

This is so sweet :o)