Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mmmmm good!

Split pea potage (very thick soup). Cheesy cornbread with actual niblets of fresh corn. Vine ripened tomatoes. Banana bread with a side of peaches sprinkled with vanilla sugar and brandy - then set on fire. See photo. Flambe is fun. A glass of Rocky Mountain Vineyard's Great Catherine's Mead - thick, sweet, heady with honey, cloves and other spices. A wine made for kissing, or so my friend Najah pronounced it to be. (Mead was traditionally served at weddings in the olden days, and drunk every night for the first month of marriage, hence the term 'honeymoon'. It's possibly where the term 'honeyed lips' comes from).
A lovely cozy dinner, followed by a lovely breezy walk with puppy. Darkness fell, coyotes started singing, and the moon came up golden and full. A good end to the day.


Jenn of Chucka Stone Designs said...

You had me at cheesy cornbread...

Your title says it all...and now I'm hungry :)

Love the new fall picture, the leaves are really pretty :)

Bridgete said...

So, can I move and eat with you every night?

Or perhaps I could just invent teleportation.

kate said...

Actually, last night's triumph belongs to my roommate Laura; she got everything to the table hot :). She's been a bit challenged in terms of timing, so was justly very proud of herself. All I did was suggest the vanilla sugar and choose the mead.
I love that tree - the color is split exactly down the middle.

Ginger said...

you're so dang word pretty!

i'll see you and my cake this afternoon miss cake!!!! i can't wait!