Sunday, September 14, 2008

And now....something completely light and fluffy

Estes Park, where the elk go wherever they want. Here they are hanging out on someone's lawn enjoying the sun. The little calf bears a striking resemblance to my Puppy.

The Black Knight - during the parade before the Heavy Armoured Combat (in his out-of-period cowboy hat), and then ready for the joust. He unhorsed his last opponent (imagine crashing to the ground from the back of a galloping Clydesdale or Percheron wearing a hundred pounds of armour. Ouch!) and was crowned victor of the tournament.

The Broadtailed Hummingbird - he actually posed for a couple of minutes. "Humph" he seems to say. "You are not a tasty flower. Begone!"

The dreaded Highlands Battle Chicken. If the Mad Ladies in Skirts* don't frighten you off, the chicken will.
Enjoying the scenery. In so many ways.....
* The Highlanders wore kilts, played bagpipes as a way to unnerve their enemies and fought like crazed demons. The English nicknamed them Mad Ladies in Skirts.


Ginger said...

i love the elk and the hummingbird and i hope the chicken recovered from having that guy's head shoved up its arse....maybe the guy was wondering what it felt like to be an egg.

the guy in all the leather is hot....i can imagine it's faux leather, right?

Bree said...

I love it when birds look cranky...