Monday, September 29, 2008

The last wedding and what happened after

I invited two friends over for dinner Sunday evening. My sister took over the menu and the cooking, except for the dessert. This turned out to be fortuitous, as my day did not go exactly as planned.

I made the pie dough the night before, and made and baked the pie (apples, pears, currants, spices and Grand Marnier) in the morning. Then I put on my chef whites and went off to deliver 14 centerpiece cakes and 1 small wedding cake. The reception was up in Boulder, about 30 miles away. Our last wedding of 2008.

We were supposed to drop off the cakes at 4, set them up, and be on our merry way between 4:30 and 5. Getting me home at about the same time our guests would be arriving. Best laid plans, my friends. Best laid plans.

The caterers, who were supposed to have been completely set up by 4.....arrived at 4. We had to wait for them to unload their truck and haul tables and chairs up to the third floor of the gallery. We ended up finishing just before 6. Luckily Chef drives like a whirlwind, so I was home within 50 minutes of leaving Boulder.

The gallery did look lovely, if somewhat crowded.
This morning, Puppy and I went to Prospect Park, a wilder and larger park than our usual haunt. There's a vast amount of rushing water, winding trails and an amazing sense of vastness for a place that's surrounded on all sides by homes and businesses. We saw a fox on the trail, found little paths we'd never explored before and I discovered semi-hidden places that would be good for meditation and suchlike, if only one's canine companion wasn't incapable of stillness when outdoors. I'll have to go back without her for contemplation.

Beside the rushing water

through the shady glens
we love to go a-hunting

with a camera lens


Jenn said...

Well even though it didn't go according to the timing you had hoped for it sounds like the last wedding of the season ended on a happy note for both you and Chef! That pie looks completely delicious and I'm sure your friends were thrilled just to see you and sample the yumminess, even if it was later than you hoped :)

Pretty park! One of these days I will get my butt out to see first hand the glory that is Colorado but for now I will live vicariously through your photos :)

Love the new photo and background color!

Bridgete said...

I think Jenn said it all...much better than I can at the moment, I'm about to go to bed.

The pie does look delicious though. Especially after being sick all weekend and eating nothing but soup and crackers for two and a half days...

Bree said...

That pie sounds like autumn in a pan. Anything with currants usually gets my vote. My grandmother had 3 kinds behind her house and used them in everything!

kate said...

oh, I am so insanely jealous of your granny's currants. I have to resort to dried, because 1)they won't grow for me 2) almost never in the market 3) when they are in the market, they are outrageously expensive. But soaking dried currants in booze makes them very happy :)