Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice, Plants & Pudding

I began this morning by following a house down Kipling Street. This was followed by a series of mishaps in the kitchen; nothing serious, just vexing and messy.
I came home and made a variation of my Great grandmother Eva's Peach Pudding. I call it Blackberry Creamsicle pudding ( I'll get the recipe onto Cakes & Wine. Eventually.) Messiness continued as I learned that the pudding does not travel well in a picnic basket. It was delicious though. Our Solstice ritual was lovely, albeit a bit sticky.

If we were still playing Shadowshot Sunday, this would be my entry.
The garden continues to flourish. These iris were planted about five years ago. This is the first year they've bloomed.

This tiny blue flower is the latest of the Faery Meadow mix to bloom. It's a California Bluebell.
Fancy pink poppies.

Mini reflecting balls.


Celia said...

Beautiful pictures...where did you get the Faerie Meadow mix?

pastrywitch said...

Fairy Meadow {the company spells it wrong ;)} is made by Botanical Interests. I picked it up at the garden center, but the website is

Bree said...

Those are some rad poppies! I've never seen them with jagged edges before.

ginger said...

i love the can you follow a house down kipling? was it on a truck?

the blog design turned out great!

pastrywitch said...

Yes, the house was on a truck, and had a police escort.
Thanks - the new templates are pretty cool, aren't they?

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Pretty flowers and delicious food (not to mention cute cats). What more could we ask for in this world really?