Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goslings & Ducklings & Faeries, Oh My!

One can't spend the entire weekend working in the garden (pulling weeds while being swarmed by tiny green bugs is not happy fun time) so we escaped to the park this morning. This is not the most in-focus dragonfly photo I've taken, but I love the transparency of the wings. This was the only cooperative dragonfly today.

The snow melt is well underway. Most of the year this part of the creek is shallow and clear. Not right now. This is the Goose Family's version of white water rafting. I did not get a photo of the goslings jumping off the bank into the creek. Their tiny wings don't work well for gliding; it was more of a plummeting into the water.
A domestic goose has integrated into the flock of Canadian geese.

See how tiny the wings are in comparison to the body? Geese are so cute at this awkward, fuzzy stage.

These are not Mallards, but I don't know what kind of ducks they are.
I finally got around to replacing the faery house. The last one I made was crushed by the snow over the winter. I went with a woven house this year. I haven't done basket weaving since fourth grade. It's very soothing. Perhaps that's why it's so popular in mental institutions.

This is the beginning of the roof. Kitty enjoys basket weaving. Actually, what he enjoys is playing with the reeds as one is trying to work.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but that's a beaded swing.

The finished house.
I've neglected my novel since beginning my new job (which is going very well). So tomorrow, I am taking the day off from manual labor (six days a week is plenty!) and concentrating on the book . I may have to work at the library; sometimes it's easier to work away from home. I have 24 days before the deadline. One of the characters has decided to change species. Sigh.


Jenn said...

Ugh, don't you just freak out when the characters develop a mind of their own & just go & do anything they want? Geez, the nerve. The basket is awesome. Never done it but frequently joked when I was a teenager that I wanted to take underwater basket weaving at UCLA. Maybe I should've, it looks cool!

ginger said...

Great house!! Have they moved in yet?

There's a whole family of geese with about a gajillion babies on the corner of DTC Blvd and Belleview that I get to see every morning. They're getting so big!!

Celia said...

What a beautiful faerie house!!!! I am going to have try and one for my garden! I just LOVE it!!

Celia said...

Can you also tell me how you made the faerie house? What materials did you use? Thanks for your help!