Monday, April 5, 2010

Cough Syrup & Chutzpah

"Hi, this is Daniel from Root Down. You answered our ad on Craigslist."
"I did?"
Laughter. "Yeah, you had a great cover letter about how even though we didn't list pastry you wouldn't let that stop you from applying, and that pastry skills would translate to pantry & prep. Which they do. We like your chutzpah. This place pretty much runs on it".
"OH! This was a blind ad, wasn't it ?"
"Yes, it was. When can you come for an interview?"
I don't tell him that I was stoned on cough syrup when I did my applications last week.
I set up a time (Wednesday) and go back to getting my paperwork together for this afternoon's financial assessment for lowcost healthcare. The phone rings again.
"Hi, this is Rhonda from Rolling Hills Country Club". They weren't looking for pastry either. But I have an interview. Maybe I need to dial back the chutzpah. I wouldn't want to accidentally take over the world.

Later: Oh dear Gods and Goddesses. I went through 'sent mail' and found that cover letter:

Hi, Your ad didn't say that you were looking for a pastry chef, but I'm not one to let things like that stop me. My last Chef told me that pastry skills would translate into pantry and prep, and I'm willing to test his theory. You'll see by looking at my resume that I don't have restaurant experience, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Look at it not as a lack of experience, but as a lack of bad habits to interfere with my doing things your way. Given that every job posted on Craigslist tend to get 100 or more applicants, it's likely that that my resume stands out only in terms of chutzpah. I'm okay with that; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Oh my. Should I be worried that they called?


ginger said...

Maybe you should only apply for jobs while stoned???

That is one chuztpah filled letter for sure....I though Renee and I were both goinf to pee our pants!

Bree said...

Go Chutzpah, Go!

Jenn said...

By all means please take over the world, it would be about time this planet was run by someone who just puts it right out there like that! Way to go!