Friday, April 23, 2010

Mindful Mindlessness

Today I sat at my computer and noticed that there are only 15 pages to go to meet the Script Frenzy goal. Unfortunately, "THE END" is somewhere further away. I stared at the screen for a few minutes. I looked out the window and noticed that the rain was turning to snow. So of course, I had to get up and take a photo. All these tulips are from a few bulbs that were transplanted by squirrels several years ago.
I sat back down at the computer and noticed a splashy sound. Looked up and noticed that there was water dripping down the chimney of the woodstove. Mopped up the water, put a bucket under the drip, and called the people who did the roof. Sat back down. Looked out the window and noticed that it's snowing much harder. Opened the backdoor and took more photos. Sat back down. Wondered why I haven't heard from my last interview, not even the standard rejection email that this company sends out. Called the store to follow up. No one I need to talk to is in yet.

Puppy started poking me with her nose, so I put her in her little raincoat (she hates getting wet unless it's her idea) and watched her step carefully through the slush. Notice that her tail is still sort of curled; she's not that upset.
After being outside, she gets towelled off, which she does like. Then I sat back down and finally started working. Got all the characters to a masqued ball. And that's where they'll stay, because I don't know what happens next.
Call the store again, speak with one of the people who interviewed me. The process is taking longer than they thought; I'm still in the running.
I wish there was a place I could call to find out what happens at the ball. Some mundane chores might help. Something about mindful mindlessness frees my creativity.

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Sean Huber Kizhnerman said...

I like your photo with the serene woman's head, framed by the motion of the cold snow. Somehow I get the feeling that she'd be serene anywhere, a state of being I need to learn.