Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gluten, Spring & Folly

My soon-to-be employer (Better Than Mamma's Catering) asked me to research tasty gluten-free baked goods for the gluten-free meal plan. I got a few books from the library (a strong contender for happiest place on earth) and starting reading. I noticed that I have many of the symptoms of gluten intolerance. So I decided to take a break from gluten and see what happened.
I had cravings more intense than any I've ever had for chocolate. I was cranky and weepy. (Yes, there's the whole job search, financial anxiety and I-suck-as-a-novelist things going on, but it really escalated). It's been 7 days now, I feel lighter. 10 pounds lighter. My joint pain is considerably better. I have more energy. And my mood is much better. Huh.
A pastry chef who can't eat wheat. Alrighty then.

Spring is starting to appear. The robins are back, and the blue heron has returned to the park. The tulips and crocuses (crocii?) are poking up out of the ground. So are the weeds. Tenacious critters.
I want to start planting,but planting is another 6 weeks or so away. It may feel like spring, but there's another snowstorm or two lurking in the wings.

What I liked best about the Oscars this year was the people who spoke about the importance of creativity, how it is never a waste of time. That it doesn't matter what tools you use to tell the story, what matters is how you tell the tale and that you tell the tale. It inspires me to get back to my novel, and to try the Script Frenzy challenge. It starts, appropriately enough, on April 1st.
Anyone else want to step off the cliff into the unknown?


Bridgete said...

I had some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance with my whole digestive fiasco...but taking away gluten didn't help. Which is why I went to the doctor, and was told that there's officially nothing wrong with me except an excess of stress. A stressed out law rare... ;)

Sucks that it apparently IS your problem. At least it's becoming a more well-known problem now so lots of people are looking into alternatives. =)

ginger said...

well, the good news is that many times, people with food sensitivities or intolerances can reintroduce foods if they abstain for a full six months.

other good news is that you can create wonderful gluten free recipes.

Jenn said...

I'll definitely be interested in checking out some of your gluten free recipes. I have another bloggy friend who's intolerant but eats everything from cake to pizza so I guess ultimately it can be done. Never tried anything g-free but would be curious, most especially because of that losing weight thing.

And you do NOT suck as a novelist, stop being your own worst enemy (easier said than done, believe me I know!) ♥