Monday, February 16, 2009

A tempting tease of spring

February 16th. Denver, Colorado. Sunny skies, temperatures in the low sixties. Oh yes. Low sixties. a reward for working ten days straight for Valentine's production, I have President's Day off. I don't remember the last job I had where this was an observed holiday.
So after a leisurely morning, Puppy and I went on a two hour ramble through Prospect Park. And then came home and spent a couple of hours basking on a blanket in the backyard. After scooping the poop and putting Kittyman on his harness and string.
He is not especially bright, hence the restraints when he's outside.
Robins and chickadees hopped through the yard for his entertainment, and a squirrel chittered furiously for a good fifteen minutes.
The sun was warm and bright, the breeze was soft, and birdsong never ceased.
On the north side of the yard are the remants of Saturday's snow. In the center, tiny crocus are beginning to pop through the ground.
I planted lots of spring bulbs last fall. I'm curious to see how many of them survived the squirrels.
I have a desperate urge to start planting. An urge that must be squelched, as spring is still months away, no matter what the calendar says. Mid-May is about the time to start planting here. By then, the frosts are over. Unless they're not. One never knows. There could be a blizzard tomorrow. Or another taste of spring.


Jenn said...

Your writing about the spring-like day of backyard laziness is making me anxious for warmer temperatures! Sounds like a lovely day with the animals, just chillin :)

spottedwolf said...

and a large AMEN to what Jenn said,Kate, for Suzi is a gardener/herbalist extraordinaire
and the pining has begun. Kitty is starting to run to the door each morning and seems inordinantly interested in the weather reports. Mind you its still -20C up here in PG.

Oh and we just went through your "goodies gallery"......Yuummm !! Smack !! Drool !! & so 4th.

ginger said...

...unless they're not...haha! yes, i fully expect a blizzard in may or june this year to make up for teh lovely weather we've been having thus far.

nice toes. i did mine in vegan, no miss red.

ginger said...

ahhh! i just saw my typo...sleeping on the couch is getting to my brain.

my word verification is wrongres...that means everything's just wrong!!!

Laura said...

In many ways I wish I could be there. But on the other hand I got a hug from a real monk yesterday and played with monkeys this morning. GLAD V-Day was not a disaster.