Saturday, January 17, 2009

Onehundred blog entries

I've been procrastinating about writing, because it's my onehundreth post, and I thought it should be about something important. On the other hand, why should this be any less inconsequential than my other posts? So, here's more of the same rambling nonsense.

Thanks to a Solstice bonus (my Chef is pagan too), I ventured into the modern world and bought myself an ipod. Ginger went with me as tech advisor. I find technology so much easier to understand when I just do what Ginger says. The ipod nano (in turquoise blue) has to be one of the most marvelous gadgets ever. iTunes is also really groovy. I downloaded an album by Gabrielle Roth - the songs had the same titles as the cassette tape, but turned out to be completely different songs. I emailed itunes - they are looking into it, and have given me 5 songs worth of credit to make up for the 'disappointment'. So, yay.

I've been playing around on Facebook a lot. Hi, my name is Kate, and I'm a flair-aholic. I have 45 pieces of flair. I'm comfortable talking about my flair. Flair is fun. I like it for the same reason I like getting books through the library website. There's the fun of searching and the thrill of acquisition, at no actual cost. Also, there's the fun of sending flair to friends.

We're having a break from winter here. While much of the country is enduring record-breaking cold, here in Denver it's sunny and mild. Monday started with a snowstorm that tied the city into knots, but by afternoon, the sun was back and the snow was melting. Typical. February will be much colder. It's our coldest month. April tends to be the snowiest. Then May comes, and no one knows from one day to the next what the weather will do. Hopefully the second weekend will be pleasant. Najah and I are going to Beltania 2009 - my first-ever pagan festival.

Lunar Fire will be playing, so the mad dancing will keep us warm no matter how cold the night might be.

At work, we've rearranged the kitchen into its most functional formation ever. It's fantastic.

Valentine's Day is approaching, new confections are being introduced (two infused with a 17th century spice blend that is a reputed aphrodisiac) and we are entered into a fundraiser/competition on February 10th. The event benefits Third Way Center, an organization that helps teens and young adults with emotional problems. This year, we are entering two truffles, the new and exciting Molotov Pineapple, and my very own creation, the Oshun. My intern and I will be running our booth, while Chef joins pastry chefs James Gallo of the Brown Palace Hotel and Keegan Gerhard of Food Network on the judging panel. There is also the People's Choice award, so if you have nothing to do that night, come down to Say It With Chocolate and vote. For Wen Chocolates. Otherwise, just stay home ;).

My resolutions for the new year were be more mindful of what I eat, and to spend less time sitting around. So, to that end I re-enrolled in Ai Chi (it's as if I never left), started a belly dance class, and this morning I did yoga for the first time in I don't know how long. The dvd was filmed on a beach on Maui.....lush green hills in the distance, gently rolling waves, a warm breeze blowing through the trees. I remembered that amazing scent of fragrant plumeria blending with the tang of the ocean......and for a few moments I wanted so desparately to be back there, floating in the sea, watching the fish and the sea turtles. Sometimes I feel so landlocked here. Other times, when I look up at the moutains, I know that I am home.

I have to surrender the computer now. Bevin has a Skype date with Laura. Indonesia seems to be agreeing with Laura, in spite of the rain, the mud, the snakes......


ginger said...

you did yoga with rodney yee! i'm so jealous, he's HAWT!

my yoga seems to have blossomed since my cleanse. i'm practicing without dvd's for the first time ever and i want to post about it soon.

happy onehundredth post you flairaholic! remind me about the chocolate thingy when it comes time, k?

see you tomorrow :)

Dave King said...

Rambling yes, nonsense no. Important? Thoughts are important in different ways. Thoughtful, and that's important!

Bridgete said...

I'm a flairaholic too. I have hundreds of flair. I think I might have flair that has never ended up on my board because it never managed to make it into the "rotation." lol.

Happy one hundredth! =)

Jenn said...

Ah yes, flair and facebook...the black hole of time. It is a blessing and a curse. A blessing for being fun, a curse for causing sitting around syndrome!

Belly dancing & yoga...good for you! Yoga is something I very seriously want to get back into, I have my dvd's just need to force that motivation now!

Mmmm...chocolate. Tell us more about this concoction you created known as Oshun. Looking forward to hearing about the festival too, when is that?

Happy 100th :)