Monday, November 17, 2008

This is what procrastination looks like

I'm way behind in my homework and in a side project, so I rearranged furniture, went out with Chef to get stuff for my next costume, had lunch with a friend, cleaned house and made a cheese & veg tart (like quiche, but not so deep. Helpful. Not.

Now I'm wasting time on the computer. So, tag, I'm it with the six secrets game.

Six of my secrets:

1) I rearrange furniture when my energy feels stuck.

2)I take photos that make people say "What did you take that for?"

3) Given a choice between an 'art' film and one where stuff blows up, I will usually pick the one where stuff blows up.

4)My absolute favorite thing about pastry work is making dough.

5)I recently came to the surprising and somewhat painful realization that I am tired of being a spinster. This has thrown my perceptions of myself into a fair amount of turmoil.

6)Deja vu is a common occurance for me.

Ok, enough of procrastination. Time to go do some homework. Right now. I'm going......


Bree said...

Man, I want to procrastinate at your house! (When I procrastinate, it usually means I get to order pizza!)

Jenn said...

Deja vu is one of my all time FAVORITE experiences, would love for it to be a frequent thing. Even though you weren't doing homework it looks like you procrastinated with fun and deliciousness and who can ask for more than that?

Bridgete said...

I'm with Bree, let's all procrastinate with you!

I've been procrastinating for three hours now, and it's all been messing about at the computer. At least you did something worthwhile. =)

Ginger said...

and she forgot to tell you about her sassy new red hair! she looks HAWT! :)