Friday, November 7, 2008

An Ode to Flannel Sheets

Soft & warm,
one comforter is all I need.
The heavy weight of many blankets
no longer necessary.
A light cocoon
not too hot, not too cold,
it's just right.
Cuddled instead of crushed,
I slumber peacefully
and awake refreshed,
looking forward to the day.
they were on sale.


Jenn said...

Extraordinary comfort and coziness for less money? It just doesn't get better than that :)

Must have been something in the air, generally I enjoy sleeping but last night I was just so looking forward to getting a good, full night's sleep. I still love my comforter & quilt though :)

Ginger said...

i like my organic cotton sheets that were also on sale. i heart target :)