Thursday, July 17, 2008

Name the Baby

On the left, the Babycake - a tiny little chocolate morsel drenched in spiced soaking syrup, wrapped in a light glaze and topped with a deep cocoa glacage (thick shiny glaze). Above, in the red velvet, is the considerably larger version of the Babycake. I don't know what to call it. So far the suggestions are not helpful (hopped-up babycake, Baby Hueys, the Babycake only bigger......)
Name the baby, win the baby. In your choice of chocolate or red velvet. Next time you're in Denver.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

How about the Smug Teenager?

Ginger said...

for the smaller ones: the ones with the blue stuff should be "the blue pill" and the ones with the reddish/pinkish stuff should be "the red pill."

the larger ones should be called "the comfort cake"....just in case you feel like you took the wrong pill that day and need extra cake.

i don't know why i went with that theme, but i did. and i'd do it again! long as there's no copyright infringement. i'll have to call keanu and ask him. (heehee)

kate said...

Keanu probably wouldn't care, but whoever owns the copyright might. I don't know, maybe free cake would help smooth that over.....
Anyway, the little ones are all babycakes - they've become the hottest seller - 2 dozen out the door in 2 days. Chef has started calling them 'shut up, kates' - it's a kitchen joke that my ideas tend to be labor intensive big sellers, so when I have ideas, the immediate response tends to be 'shut up Kate!' (not in a mean way-it's funny). Then we make whatever it is, and usually it sells really well.

Ginger said...

oh, okay. sorry, i misunderstood. then how about the super baby or the big baby?

Bree said...

How about the Million Dollar Babies?


Oh, I SLAY me