Sunday, May 11, 2008

Easy as pie.......

It's 12:33am. My last pie of the day is in the oven - five recipes for a total of 6 pies, because one made two pies. French apple, that one, although aside from thinly sliced apples there is nothing remotely French about it.
This one is Strawberry Daiquiri - it's creamy and is a groovy shade of 50's Cadillac Pink.

2 French Apple and "Hickory Nut" - which had to be made with pecans as hickory nuts are only available in certain areas of the country. They also have extremely hard shells which require a hammer and muscle power to crack. Pecans will do just fine.

This one got me free mounting and balancing of the new tires I had to put on my car. Caramel Coconut - it's a frozen concoction reminiscent of Mounds Bar crossed with a Samoa cookie.

Grape pie. One of the few recipes for such that doesn't require peeling the grapes. Seriously.

The fourth and finally successful attempt at blackberry pie. I really prefer berries to be fresh, but this wasn't bad.
It's been a rough week. 10-12 hours days at work, cake, cake and more cake. Then I come home to pie.......
It's 1:05 am. The kitchen is clean. My last pie - Damson Plum, variation #1 (made with regular plums because Damsons are not available) is out of the oven. It boiled over a bit. Which is ok. It's how you can be sure a fruit pie is done. Besides, I finally got around to buying a silicone mat for the oven. No more scraping - just wipe and go. Easy as pie.
Another 7 of which are waiting to be done........


Chucka Stone Designs said...

To avoid eating something resembling your Caramel Coconut gooey goodness I had to get blueberries out of the fridge.

Your blog makes me starving for sugary sweets and I don't even like sugary sweets. It is just that you bake them to look far too delicious for words :~D

Kudos on finishing them all!

~ Jenn

vesta said...

Thanks Jenn!