Wednesday, May 21, 2008

done at last, done at last.....

60 recipes, around 100 pies, endless tedious test sheets, I'm done at last. YAY!!!

I now make fabulous pie crust - Chef said "you've got pie crust down! this is truck-stop good!". Which he assures me is a compliment - not being one to frequent truck stops, I don't know. But I hear they have good pie.

This pie - I don't know if it's truck stop good, but it's one of my favorites. I made it for Ginger, and brought it to her on moving day. It's spicy apple in a vegan pate brisee crust (there should be some accent marks in there, but I don't know how to do that). Traditional pate brisee is made with butter - this one is made with earth balance buttery spread or buttery stick - they both work. Just leave the salt out of any dough recipe, substitute the earth balance for the butter, and there you go. Flaky pastry - I've also made good puff pastry with the earth balance.

Wen's episode of Road Tasted aired again on the Food Network Sunday. We sent out 6o-some boxes of truffles in the last 24 hours. Chef gave us tomorrow off. Yay.


Ginger said...

renee is still talking about that pie...she's in love with the pie. it was really...good...pie. truck stop good is an extremely high compliment, their supposed to have the best food. otherwise, the truckers won't go back.

my favorite vegan chefs, isa chandra moskowitz ( i hope i spelled that right) and terry hope romero, swear by earth balance. they wrote the peanut butter cookie recipe, which will be experimented on this weekend. i'm going to see what happens when i grind the oats in the food processor and make them smaller, like traditional pb cookies. there will even be fork marks.

vesta said...

ooooo. fork marks....yummy.