Monday, February 25, 2008

what's under there?

Creamy lemony goodness, that's what. This is the never-fail lemon pie, and it lived up to it's name. Unlike most meringue covered pies, which have 3-4 times as much meringue as filling, this one has almost twice as much filling as meringue, cradled by a crust made of crushed gingersnaps. It's pretty close to perfect.
I had no idea when I started this project how much strategy is involved - just making the shopping list took over an hour. It took three stores to find everything I needed. Manufacturers seems to have downsized cans and tubs in the twenty or so years since most of the recipes were written. Almost everything was an ounce or so smaller. Chocolate wafers are ridiculously expensive. Custard mix - really hard to find. That was in the third store, just before I was about to give up and go to the English market.
So, here I am, three recipes down, fifteen more to go. In the first batch. But now, it's bedtime.

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