Tuesday, February 5, 2008

La Bete

I preferred him as the Beast

as a giant predatory cat in a lace ruff and flowing cloak

moving with silent animal grace

through his enchanted lair.

When the enchantment broke

he was ordinary

remade in the image of a man

the story taught us to despise

instead of regaining his true form.

What did the Beast really look like before that fateful day when his arrogance led him to be unkind to an old woman he perceived as ugly?

The old woman cursed him, causing his appearance to match what was in his heart,

changing him in a heartbeat from a handsome prince into a beast.

maybe she overreacted just a bit.

or maybe not.

Who can say how the prince would have turned out without such a severe reality check

Maybe it was the best thing for him

Maybe a new face was an act of kindness, a fresh start

It would be comely container for a comely spirit

I still preferred him as the Beast


Ginger said...

oh, this post was so much better than the movie. i would've liked the movie much better if he'd groom every once in a while like a kitty-cat...meow....prrrrrr....

all the same, i did enjoy the movie and the company too. thank you.


Ginger said...

by the way, i love the b&w/sepia tone photos. they're beautiful.