Friday, January 4, 2008


I don't have trouble posting photos on this blog, so why is it such a trauma on Multiply? My photo albums don't work, photos I put in blog entries don't work, most of the time I can't see other people's photos. It used to work, I don't know why it doesn't anymore. Multiply claims to be working on it, but that's what they said about the blog photos, which made a brief appearance before going back into oblivion. it's vexing.

IJAD is looming - I want to be anywhere else. I haven't invited anyone because then I would have to attend. L is driving me nuts - she's in a manic state and is almost always here. she starts school again next week - I'm going to try to coordinate my days off to be days she's up in Boulder. I need some freakin' alone time.
Today I tried out the am portion of David Carradine's AM/PM Tai Chi - it was awesome. So relaxing and calming, I may be doing that routine alot over the next couple of weeks. I got it from the library, I will probably buy this one.

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