Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I tried in 2009

I was going through my 2009 calendar looking for birthdays and suchlike to transcribe into my much prettier 2010 date book. I found entries for events I'd forgotten about, even though they were all things I did for the first time. In chronological order, they are:

My first pagan festival. I'd do this again.
My first time trying shrooms and pot. Bleh on both counts. I'll stick with alcohol and chocolate.
My first two concerts at Red Rocks. SO doing this again. Where else could one walk through a meadow full of deer and then dance the night away to K'nan and Jason Mraz?
My first spiritual fast, for Yom Kippur. Yes, I'm a pagan, but it felt like something I needed to do. I might do this again.
My first foray into novel writing. I will absolutely do this again. Depending on how the editing process is coming along, I may do Script Frenzy this April.

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Bridgete said...

Never tried shrooms, but I'm with you on the pot thing so I think the fact that you didn't like either makes me think I'll stick with alcohol too.