Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ode to a Braw Lassie

It takes guts to play an instrument in public, especially when one isn't very good. Especially when that instrument is the bagpipes.

But there she was, in the park, next to the parking lot, playing her heart out for all to hear. Faint at first, I thought the music was coming from someone's car stereo. It grew steadily louder as we walked along the sidewalk between the lot and the creek. Slow and melancholy, the tune was haunting, at odds with the bright sunny day. I was enjoying it, when suddenly the piper had some trouble and a strangled bleating momentarily derailed the tune. She picked right back up though, and kept going bravely on, despite the unintended squeaks and squawks. I was impressed. Not with her skill, which was spotty, but with her courage and audacity at playing a highly conspicuous and notoriously difficult instrument out in full view and hearing of all passersby. As someone who tends to be invisible, I admire that.


ginger said...

was this at belmar park? that's pretty cool!

kate said...

No, Prospect Park. It's been so dry that I went for the dirt path woodsy option :)

Jenn said...

Wow cool! There are always guitar players, sometimes even drummers, violinists &/or keyboardists but I have never seen or heard someone playing bagpipes outside of a funeral. How cool you had the luck to hear it live!